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The school environment is unhealthy and not conducive to learning

One of the biggest complaints teachers and administrative staff have is that the kids are inattentive and disruptive.  The rates of ADHD continue to rise, with new children being diagnosed daily, yet given everything we know now about ADHD, the school environment still remains unsupportive to those with special needs. To be honest, its unsupportive to those with typical needs as well. In addition to simple environmental modifications, I would like to see the expansion of physical education in our schools, to help not only those students with ADHD but also to face the current epidemic of childhood obesity.  Children spend the majority of their day in school and yet we have virtually eliminated physical activity from the school day and are feeding “food” loaded with empty calories, high fat, high sugar and preservatives with virtually no nutritional value. These kids are being pumped full of sugar, denied a physical outlet for their energy, and then commanded to sit quietly at their desks.

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